Permanent Site

The Beautiful Gate workshop was started in 2002 with two employees working with an aging welding machine and borrowed hand tools. The shop has developed into a fully functioning workshop with 29 employees, a delivery truck, a 100 KVA Maikano generator, eight functioning welding machines, benders, sprayers for painting and other tools. The addition of the prosthetics shop in 2011 and the need for more storage space has made the current shop much too small. With this growth and the need for better security and accessibility, the shop needed to move to a much more convenient venue.

In 2011, Beautiful Gate acquired an ideal property of 1.4 acres on the Bauchi Bypass Road, immediately across the road from the University of Jos Permanent Site. This property provides the necessary space to add a large workshop, prosthetics shop, administrative offices, storage facilities and necessary infrastructure to support the center. It is hoped that available property next door can be purchased to build staff quarters and further expansion.