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Beautiful Gate

Handicapped People Centre

Our Vision

The Beautiful Gate Handicapped Peoples Centre believes that every person, regardless of gender, religion, ethnic identity, status in life, or physical disability, has a right to respect, education, self-development, access to public facilities and the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to society.

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Our Story

There are uncounted thousands of Nigerian polio survivors who spend their lives crawling on the ground. Huge efforts are being made at polio eradication by Rotary International, the Gates Foundation, the Bloomberg Foundation and others. The good news is that the last 3 cases of polio in Nigeria were in August 2016. The bad news is that very little is being done to help the tens of thousands of survivors. Most are hidden away, so that few people realize how huge the need is. If you couldn’t get any further from your house than you could crawl on your hands and knees—ever—you wouldn’t be out in public and few people would even know about you.

Beautiful Gate has done far more to help these polio survivors than any other organization in all of Nigeria. They have a shop in Jos, Nigeria with 65 employees where they build a self-pedaled tricycle made of bicycle parts. So far they have:

  • Built and donated over 24,000 wheelchairs to polio survivors in 28 of Nigeria’s 36 states.

  • Given out 3000 folding white canes and hundreds of digital voice recorders to blind students.

  • Provided a computer center, large amounts of food, bunk beds and mattresses, rehabbed buildings and other help for a large school for the deaf.

  • Fitted dozens of amputees with artificial legs at their prosthetic shop.

  • Given hundreds of crutches, standard wheelchairs and many other aids to the disabled.

The Beautiful Gate ministry began in 1999 when Mr. Ayuba Gufwan, himself crippled with polio, met a retired American pastor, the Rev. Dr. Ron Rice, at a workshop for religious educators. That partnership has grown to become the largest supplier of aids for the disabled in Nigeria. Ayuba is a graduate of the Law Faculty of the University of Jos, a Rotarian, and is married with 5 children. He has been honored with over 50 awards for this ministry to the disabled and his advocacy for the rights and needs of the handicapped. He has been voted the second most effective politician in Plateau State, even though he has never held public office.

Beautiful Gate provides these wheelchairs and other aids at no cost to both Muslims and Christians, without discrimination, in the love of Jesus, for Jesus has taught us to have compassion on the poor, the crippled and the blind. However the need is huge. At almost every wheelchair distribution, more disabled people come whose name was not on the list, and have to go home heartbroken without a wheelchair.

These children can’t crawl on their hands and knees to school, but education is their only hope. Beautiful Gate is dependent on generous people like you to help them provide mobility for these thousands who need a wheelchair. Won’t you help?

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September 2020 Beautiful Gate Update

September 2020 Beautiful Gate Update

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How to Help

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Most people in the world have strong, healthy bodies with good vision, good hearing and excellent mobility. Both Christianity and Islam teach that the strong in society must support the weak. The Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Centre believes that we should go one step further and give the handicapped the ability to make themselves stronger. Our appeal is that everyone who has a strong body should contribute to make sure that Nigeria's handicapped in the future can become self-reliant productive citizens.

Cheques should be made to "Beautiful Gate Handicapped People Centre"

Cheques or cash can be delivered to:

  • The Beautiful Gate work site

  • CRWC Office (Mr. David Torgihir), Mountain View, Beside NTA, Jos

For contributions in the U.S. or Canada, see Wheelchairs for Nigeria

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Contact Beautiful Gate

Ayuba Gufwan

PO Box 6399, Anglo-Jos, Jos

0803-598-5123 (MTN), 0805-689-4336 (Glo)

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